Physical Casinos Implement Alternative Payment Methods in an Effort to Compete with Online Casinos

It’s no secret that brick-and-mortar casinos have been feeling the effects of the global pandemic, with annual revenues plummeting for the first time in decades. While governments actively urged people to stay at home and not interact with others, online real money casinos, poker, and sports betting sites thrived.

Fortune Business Insights now estimates that by 2022, the internet market will be worth $158 billion. So, land-based operators are trying to catch up to their online competitors by looking into introducing cashless payment alternatives for table games.  These machines make the exchange of money on gaming floors faster and easier on the body.


Boyd Gaming and Aristocrat Leisure, two industry giants, have publicly stated their aim to be the first to take on this challenge. The Boyd Pay digital wallet, designed by Aristocrat Gaming, will be used for the cashless transactions. Oasis 360, developed by Genesis Gaming, runs on the TrackIT casino management system.


The Boyd Pay Wallet Is…

Bets placed via QR codes will be processed through the Boyd Pay wallet. Through a collaboration with Genesis, the approach is currently being tested at the Aliante Casino by Boyd Gaming in North Las Vegas. It follows a trial run that saw a lot of interest from slot machine fans.


Boyd Pay is an endeavor to utilize cutting-edge technology to improve the gaming experience, as stated by Blake Rampmaier, Boyd Gaming’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Together with Aristocrat, Boyd casino is committed to bringing cutting-edge mobile cashless betting solutions to our casino floors and advancing industry standards.


The Wallet’s Operation Principles

The Boyd Pay Wallet will be incorporated into the Boyd B Connected mobile app whenever it becomes available to the public. This means that gamblers may immediately fund their gaming activities with their smartphones rather than needing to redeem chips at a cage or withdraw cash from an ATM.


The whole thing will be over in a flash, and they won’t even have to get up from their seat. When they are done playing, they can follow the same steps to have their winnings deposited into their Boyd Pay Wallet.


According to Aristocrat’s EVP of Customer Experience Solutions Cath Burns: “Improving the guest journey is at the heart of what we do. With this technology, we’re able to prove that we’re serious about giving our customers the very best service possible.  By utilizing the Boyd Pay Wallet, operators can save money while also providing players with tools to assist them place more thoughtful bets.

The System Will Debut at 28 Gambling Establishments Across 10 States

If the test goes well, Boyd Gaming plans to implement the technology at all of its 28 casinos in 10 different states. In April of this year, it made news when it formed a collaboration with the FanDuel Group to launch online casinos under the Stardust name in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


The $3.7 billion acquisition of Playtech, a pioneer in the field of interactive gambling based in the United Kingdom, by Aristocrat Leisure made headlines in the middle of October. With this deal, the Australian manufacturer of gaming machines gains rapid scale and visibility in the internet market.


Playtech’s Italian subsidiary, Snaitech, is widely tipped to spearhead the firm’s expansion into more European markets. Perhaps even helping them to expand into the lucrative North American iGaming market. Only five states in the US currently allow residents to legally gamble at internet casinos.

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