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December 22, 2020
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December 22, 2020

Training Power Rack


Source Training Power Rack from One of the best Fitness Equipment Manufacturers

Whether you want to train powerlifting, weightlifting, Olympic lifting, cross-fit, gymnastics, calisthenics, or merely want to burn fat or build muscle, Kebu-Fitness’ training power is the best choice for you. We provide robust and state-of-the-art power racks which are one of a kind. Through our training rack, you can take your training to the next level.

Why Kebu-Fitness for Power Rack?

Kebu-Fitness laid the foundation for the workout with the base rack with:

  • different attachment options to pick from and
  • hundreds of variations

Our power rack and workout cage have a variation. These variations will match the training style you need.

We build accuracy from the ground.

Our training rack and adjustable dumbbells are manufactured with fully robotic welding, technologically advanced, and automated laser cutting technology. Our weight lifting rack has been designed to withstand the test of training and time.

Each manufacturing run for a training rack is subject to a quality test. The test meets safety standards and rigorous weight ranges before it’s shipped.

We are Now Catching More Eyeballs than Ever

Kebu-fitness has grown rapidly into a leading training power rack brand. Our top-notch focus has made us a passionate and dedicated training rack producer.

When we started, we didn’t know where our fate will take us to. However, we knew deep inside we are meant to do more, and we Kebu-fitness will be the horse of a long race.

Armed with the product knowledge and professional skills that we learned, we started hiring qualified staff and making flawless power racks.

High-Quality Training Power Racks Suppliers In China

Kebu-fitness was incepted to be among the highest value weight and fitness equipment manufacturers for light home and commercial use. We have proudly set the yardstick for our training power rack competitors around the world.

Further, we knew the internet is the ultimate survivor. We focused on selling each of our products from the web and now we are making record revenue through B2B sales. Through internet sales, we are breaching the borders and our quality is now trickling down to the clients outside China.

Our training rack and Weight Bench offer workout versatility and allow you to train different muscle groups in full safety. Every gym rack we sell survives thousands of hours of R&D testing in tough conditions. We test our carton packaging too to ensure our training products safely get to you during transit.

Proud Chinese Training Power Rack Supplier

Our training power and other gym items are made in China and produced to satisfy demanded quality standards and are enforced at all phases of the manufacturing process. This ensures you the top quality training equipment for years to come trouble-free use.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your training power from us now!

Code: PR-3000


Spec:1 pc/2box

Color: Matt black,Red,Blue,Yellow,Green, Metal Black, Silver

Among top fitness equipment manufacturers, kebu-fitness is rated among the top. We offer high-quality fitness machines and among them, training power rack comes as our flagship product.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will love our training rack or if you are among the retailers of gym equipment, then your customers will surely like our rack.

We are facing a huge demand for our training power racks and the demand is driven by consumer demographic trends and income. The profitability and revenue of our corporate customers depend on our effective marketing and unique product designs.

Large corporate clients receive some advantages in brand recognition. However, small-scale companies can effectively compete with their competitors by getting our unique racks.

We offer our training racks in different colors that include:

Matt black,





Metal Black, and


More Eyeballs are Getting to us through our website marketing

Kebu-fitness is growing rapidly into a leading training power rack brand. We focus to make a training rack that is customer-friendly and provides effective workout ease to the users. There are two distinct aspects that set us apart from other power rack manufacturers:

We offer competitive price

We listen to the details of what our customer needs and provide the rack accordingly

When we began as a rookie training power rack supplier, we didn’t know how long we will go as a brand. However, we keep on putting in effort and our confidence improved day by day. We achieved what we thought. We, as a fitness equipment brand, are here to stay.


Cross Fit Training Power Rack

Main Tube Size: 50*80*3.0mm


G W.125KGS

N W.: 115KGS


 Training Power Rack red

 Training Power Rack blue

 Training Power Rack yollow

 Training Power Rack green



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