Dumbbell weight Bench
December 17, 2020
Luxury Adjustable Bench
Luxury Adjustable Bench
December 18, 2020

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Kebufitness was established in Taiping Road Chongchuan Nantong, Jiangsu to become of the top weight bench manufacturers, and now we are considered as one. Shop weight benches from us for all types for commercial and residential use. Several benches you will find here that can be used for both barbell training inside or outside and a dumbbell of a power rack and they are fixed and adjustable. Our weight benches are offered in your choice of decline, incline, and flat with various frame and padding colors.

Weight benches are used for strength training along with short dumbbells and sometimes in connection with long dumbbells and an exercise station. Whether you do strength training at the fitness gym or home gym, the weight benches are popular and help athletes correctly execute every exercise. You can build your muscles from different angles thanks to our adjustable backrest. The weight benches provide an ideal workout partner for comprehensive and intense strength-training at gym or home.

Weight benches are massive for athletes who need to train their muscles from every angle. By change of angle, you can strain all muscle groups and muscle fibers though angle change. This helps you better beautify the muscles. So, fit your gymnasium with our premium quality weight benches and high-end machines.

High Quality Weight Bench Manufacturers In China

The environment of Kebufitness is dynamic, and that assures maximum focus on manufacturing sturdy weight benches. We have the professionals who know how to produce quality weight benches which can outperform other weight bench manufacturers. Effective combination of skills, expert efforts, and experience has given our company a massive boost to develop at a rapid pace towards its goals.

With wide range, our Made in China weight benches are also offered with a steel frame with a lasting warranty so you can be assured you have invested in the very best available in the market.

Apart from weight benches, we offer top-quality fitness equipment including adjustable bench, resistance bands, aluminum barbells, gym power rack, ham developer, group training equipment, dumbbells, kettlebells and more.

So, if you need to pick one among the best weight bench manufacturers, then we are the one to bank on.


Color:Matt black,Red,Blue,Yellow,Green, Metal black, Silver

Utility Bench

Product size: 1290*608*430MM

Main Tube Size: 50x70x20mm

G. W: 31KGS

N W.: 28KGS


Best Weight Bench Manufacturers Weight Bench Manufacturers Best Weight Bench Manufacturers Weight Bench

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