WP-Crmb Rubber Bumper Plate
December 23, 2020
WP-Iron Cast Olympic plate
December 23, 2020

WP-Gym Color plates






COLOR KG Training 2.0 Plates are an WF standard 450mm in diameter with 504mm

collar opening. Higher total mass makes these plates thinner and allows for more

weight to be loaded on the bar Steel disc insert stabilized the plates fixed in place even

during intense, high-rep training.

These universally color-coded bumpers makes weight identification easier, helping

athletes. trainers. and coaches run more efficient workouts

These plates are tested Shore A durometer of 86, means minimize the bounce on the

drop and resist the break down from heavy use like some common plates on the



Plate Diameter: 450mm

Collar Opening: 504mm

Insert Type: Steel Disc, Zinc Plated

Shore A Durometer: 86

Weight tolerance: +/ 15 grams of claimed weight

New Artwork (for Version 2.0)

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