Protector of Wonderland: An Overview

Swedish developer NetEnt’s reimagining of the chicken-filled defender game Wild Worlds is part of the company’s ongoing push into the Asian market. In Wild Worlds, the free spins feature epic conflicts between three avian pals and alien invaders.

Wonderland Protector, a clone with a fantastical concept, is identical save for the packaging. In this cartoonish fantasy world, three powerful women are tasked with fending off ferocious animals while players amass wealth.

When you boot up the game, the general layout is the same with some minor cosmetic tweaks. Three cartoon witches mutter to each other as they stir a pot in the center of a pentagram, while the grid stays still on one side of the screen. The whole aesthetic seems very much like the classic Nintendo RPG The Legend of Zelda. Since Zelda is so popular in Asia, it makes logical to adapt the art style to fit the tastes of Asian gamers.

The first step in throwing governors into the frying pan is making a wager. Options span a wide range, from twenty percent (p.c. ) to an impressive four hundred dollars (or euro). This slot involves slaying monsters, therefore heroic actions may be required. Let’s examine the game’s mechanics first, though, before we jump into the scuffles.

With each spin, 25 symbols are shuffled into a 5×5 grid, and a winning combination consists of three or more identical symbols in a row. The Avalanche mechanism causes the winning line to explode, clearing the way for falling symbols to fill in the empty spaces. Multiple wins can arise on a single spin since Avalanches continue to pop and tumble until no new winners appear. When that happens, we add up all of the wins from that run.

The game’s icons are a rainbow of jewels in varied sizes, hues, and forms. The three heroes have gems related with their general hues – red, blue, or green which will make sense when we deal to the features. Skulls, flowers, and snowflakes are just some examples of the kinds of simple designs that can be used to decorate symbols. In terms of payout, a line of the purple star gems over five symbols is worth up to 100 times the wager. The wild sign can be used in place of any other normal symbol to complete winning lines, and it has the same multiplier (100x).

Wonderland Protector is a carbon copy of Wild Worlds, right down to the underlying mathematical foundation. That’s a medium-volatility mathematical model and an above-average RTP of 96.47 percent. Both contribute to a somewhat low ceiling, but you shouldn’t expect to win big in Wonderland Protector. Here, the visual aesthetics and fights of video games take center stage.

Safeguard for the Magical Realm

If you’re familiar with Wild globe, where chickens are used to preserve the globe, you’ll have no trouble following the events of Wonderland Protector. In that case, allow me to introduce the optional extras, beginning with a discussion of qualifiers.

For the duration of the current spin sequence, any time you get a winning combination of 3 mid-pay hero symbols, all other common symbols on the board become wild. The Hero Wilds feature does this, and it may be used in both the main game and the free spins.

The second is a random feature called Random Destroy, which might happen after any losing spin in the original game. Choosing one of the witches activates this feature, which preserves the symbols linked with that witch while erasing all others from the grid (save wilds and scatters). As a result, a cascade of new symbols might fill in the gaps and increase players’ odds of a win.

Though entertaining in their own right, modifiers ultimately pale in importance compared to the free spins bonus. If the three witches show effective in battle, the reward of 8 free spins may not end quickly. With nine captains and three bosses to defeat over three realms, they’ll need all the power they can get. The adventure can begin in either the Dark Forest, the Fire Lands, or the Ice Worlds.

Each time a low or medium value hero symbol contributes to a winning combination, that hero’s meter fills and they are able to launch an attack on their antagonist. Heroes have the option of regular attacks or super attacks that deal 1-4 damage, respectively, based on their power meter. The captains have 15 HP, while the bosses have 105, so it won’t be easy.

When you’ve beaten the captains, it’s time for the boss, much like any other video game. When you defeat a boss, you unlock a new realm and 8 extra spins. When a Captain is defeated, additional wilds appear in a predetermined sequence across all worlds.

Spreading Wilds can be found in the Dark Forest, and they appear in various locations at random. In the Fire Realms, single wilds appear in groups of two to four at random, whereas in the Ice Realms, double wilds are stacked. While navigating the three worlds, players rack up victories as they go.

Defender of Wonderland: The Case

Wonderland Protector is a rip-off of a slot that wasn’t very popular, much like NetEnt’s other recent rip-off, Trollpot 5000. Still, I guess I can see why they’d pick this one to crush the Asian market.

Wonderland Protector is obviously a Nintendo-style video game. When Wonderland is interpreted as a video game, its theme fits the action, especially the fight sequences, perfectly. Overall, the presentation and central idea are stronger than in Wilds World.

What do you think? Will the East really take to Wonderland Protector? NetEnt appears to be throwing all they have at the wall to see what sticks. Everything, besides the newest slot machines, of course. Players that want a little bit of video game stylings in their gambling might find this to their liking, as it offers medium volatility gaming with moderate potential at 2,500 times the bet. If that’s the case, you might want to try Street Fighter II instead, which is also developed by NetEnt.

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