WSOP 2019 Prop Bets: Fun Away from the Tables

The World Series of Poker รวมสล็อต PG 2019 is going all out. In spite of the fact that WSOP is generally a unique season for poker players and fans the same, this year is considerably more so as the Series is commending its 50th commemoration. With exceptional occasions included with everything else, similar to the Big 50, there are much more individuals gathering in Las Vegas for their shot at the brilliance.

The competition activity is basically covered, however, so that is not the thing we’ll zero in on in this specific article. All things considered, we’ll investigate activity accessible away from the tables as different prop wagers you can put your cash on. There are many respectable wagering open doors this year, and we’re presenting to you probably the most fascinating ones.

The Number of Main Event Entrants
Consistently, it is the $10,000 Main Event that draws in the most consideration and makes an immense buzz in the poker local area. Things might change as far as WSOP however the Main Event arm band, alongside the immense award cash and the renown that accompanies winning remaining parts the fantasy of numerous easygoing players and experts the same.

2019 World Series Of Poker Prize Money Piled In Hundred Dollar Stacks

The last year witnessed the second-greatest Main Event field beginning around 2006 regardless of numerous hypotheses about poker not being as famous any longer. The specific number of players to make good the $10,000 purchase in for their seat in the large one was 7,845. Thus, this year, the line is set at 7,850.5 at the chances of – 120 for over. With all that we’ve seen hitherto, taking a gander at the earlier year, and representing the reality this is the Anniversary Series, wagering over appears to be very sensible.

Will There Be a Lady at the ME Final Table?
Generally talking, the Main Event hasn’t been too kind on the women. The last time we saw a lady coming to the last table was back in 1995 when Barbara Enright came to the last nine, ultimately completing in fifth spot. However, the quantity of female players in poker is on the ascent so things may turn upward.

If you somehow managed to wager “Yes,” the chances are right now +550, while the chances against are – 1,000. It is clear where the bookies are with this one, yet on the off chance that you are hoping to take a stab at a sensible bet, this one may be worth. There are many good female players in the field, and seeing one of them making it the entire way to the desired last table isn’t so implausible.

Will Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth Win Another Gold?
Phil Hellmuth is effectively one of the most incredible known names in the realm of poker. The one who holds a flat out record with 15 WSOP gold arm bands to his name is continuously hoping to add another to his assortment. Will he do it in 2019?

Phil Hellmuth Throwing Cards Wearing Aria Hat Holding Up WSOP Bracelet

If you somehow managed to wager “Yes,” you’d get chances of about +180, which doesn’t sound right. Yet, this specific prop, as it is offered now, incorporates some other huge name players like Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Johnny Chan. With these four in the blend, you’re taking a gander at in excess of a fair shot of one of them getting the gold.

Obviously, Brunson is basically good and gone as he made it clear last year he had no aim of playing huge competitions any longer. Then again, Ivey has been extremely dynamic in Vegas this year (at the amazement and enjoyment of his many fans), so he could be the one to make this bet also. In any case, it’s a decent one to make to have a great time perspiring your number one players.

What Hand Wins the Main Event?
This is a pleasant one, however it is essentially roll of the dice. Essentially any hand you could envision might actually be the one to make the hero in the event that the conditions are correct. In this way, definitely, take the plunge assuming you extravagant a bet, yet don’t pause your breathing.

The wagering choices incorporate two sets or better at even cash and one sets or more awful at – 140. Given the Main Event structure, it is conceivable the players will be fairly profound when they enter the last fight, which would incline toward the more grounded hand for the victor. Be that as it may, it is truly difficult to foresee how things will truly work out.

Other Interesting WSOP Bets to Check Out
To spread your wagers during the current year’s Series, there are a lot more choices out there. The greater part of them have to do with the Main Event in without a doubt, which is not really an unexpected perceiving the number of individuals recognize the whole WSOP through the Main Event.

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